About New Voices

New Voices for Research empowers early-career researchers and science enthusiasts to translate their passion for research into effective communication and to become articulate spokespersons for science and research.

The New Voices community provides advocates an online meeting space for: discussion forums, networking, staff-supported resources and guidance for effective communication and advocacy. The New Voices forums are regularly home to discussions on topics such as science policy, communication with non-scientific audiences, current events and advocacy tools.

The New Voices blog provides daily posts on research, health, science communication and policy for the community. Since its inception in December 2008 the New Voices blog has had over 65,000 visitors from 174 countries and every U.S. state and territory. Already in 2011, our online impact has increased by more than 70% over 2010, averaging about 1,100 readers each week - more than 40% of whom have subscribed to receive the posts daily.

New Voices also reaches out on Twitter (@NV4Research). Since early 2010, we’ve sent almost 500 tweets to our growing list of Twitter followers.

Why New Voices?

New Voices is an investment in the advocacy of tomorrow. Research!America’s polling consistently shows that Americans think scientists are the best spokespersons for research. By preparing early-career researchers with advocacy tools and skills now, they will be ready to raise their voices in defense of research in the years to come. Like basic research, an investment in the next generation of scientific leadership today will drive the innovative advocacy of our future.

From our 2008 editorial campaign – which resulted in 9 published op-eds in publications such as: Houston Chronicle, Roll Call, Birmingham News, The Tennessean, and The Minneapolis Star Tribune – to in-person gatherings like the Q&A luncheon with Unscientific America authors Chris Mooney and (fellow New Voice) Sheril Kirschenbaum, New Voices is already making important inroads into science communication and advocacy.

For every New Voice stepping up and communicating about science, there are dozens of others seeking the resources and expertise to become tomorrow’s voices for research.

Join us in our quest to become better science communicators and advocates by following http://newvoicesforresearch.blogspot.com here and on Twitter @NV4Research.

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