Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Put Research on the 111th Congress' Agenda

A new Congress means new opportunities to advocate for research. Today is the first day of the 111th Congress and it's already shaping up to be a busy legislative year. It will be essential for science and research advocates to speak out in support of increased funding and other issues such as stem cells. We will make it easy to contact your representative and senators when action is needed by posting advocacy opportunities.
Email your representative and senators today to let them know that science and research must be a priority this session.

The new Congress will get right to work on the economic recovery package. Urge your representative and senators to support $11.1 billion for research in the legislation. Research!America recommended the following levels to the Obama-Biden Transition Team and congressional leaders:

• NIH – $8.6 billion (FY08 budget = $29.2 billion)
• NSF – $1.4 billion (FY08 budget = $6.1 billon)
• CDC – $1.0 billion (FY08 budget = $6.4 billion)
• AHRQ – $97 million (FY08 budget = $335 million)

An infusion of $11.1 billion for NIH, NSF, CDC and AHRQ in the economic recovery legislation will produce immediate and long term dividends that protect good jobs, stimulate local economies across the nation, provide data to help make health care reform evidence-based and expand the research that is the foundation for innovation and global competitiveness. Take action now!

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