Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Events

Tomorrow is Earth Day and here at New Voices we have some interesting posts planned in celebration. We'd also recommend following along with other science bloggers talking about Earth Day including Sciencewoman's post on cost saving green options for universities (or organizations).

But, as it is a day in celebration of our wonderful planet, we hope you'll be getting out to observe the occasion and we want to show you where the fun stuff is happening! Don't worry if you have to work tomorrow (hey, we do too!), there are lots of great events planned for the weekend as well.

The largest databank of Earth Day events can be found at EPA's Earth Day website.

Highlights are included for our top readership cities/states:

In San Francisco, the California Academy of Sciences has a line-up for both education and outdoor exploring in Golden Gate Park.

From film screenings to green career fairs, Connecticut is in full Earth Day mode.

Lincoln Park Zoo is celebrating science tomorrow, while the Chicago Park District has events throughout the week, and Loyola has a north lake shore program on Saturday.


The University of Maryland (College Park) will have environmentally-themed lectures and musical performances Wednesday and Thursday.

Honestly, we didn't go through it all, but check out this PDF for lots of events going on all over Massachusetts.

New York

Head to Grand Central Station for Earthfair if you're in the NYC area and Stony Brook locals can be part of Earthstock.

State parks throughout Pennsylvania have special presentations in honor of Earth Day

The Astros are playing green in Houston and Galveston is combining Earth Day with the Oleander Festival.

Alexandria is holding a festival, including selling composting bins for those who want to be Earth friendly all year long (and create their own fertilizer!).

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