Friday, July 10, 2009

New Voices News Round-Up

First, New Voices is excited to introduce the newest member of our blogging team:

Name: Ilse Peterson
Position: Research!America Science Policy Intern
Education: St. Olaf College
BA in Chemistry, History, & Asian Studies
Previous experience: Ilse has studied in Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Hungary, and Sweden and speaks both Mandarin and Swedish. In addition to experience working at her college, she has also spent some time working as an assistant in a chemistry lab.
Fun fact: Ilse knows all three ways to ski: water, downhill, and cross-country skiing.

Second, Takao deserves a round of applause for his recent post, It’s hard work being this unhealthy, appearing in the latest Scientiae Pro Publica (Science for the People) blog carnival. Check out his post and the other research written up for public audiences over at Greg Laden's blog.

Now . . . the Friday News Round-up.

Ilse spotted:
  • Science and your health: research by scientists from McGill University and the University of Pennsylvania suggests that a common anti-diabetes drug may increase the strength of an experimental cancer vaccine.
Matt suggests:
Takao wants to highlight two "security" pieces:
All of us are working on these two projects and hope you'll check them out:
Happy Friday everyone!

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