Friday, August 21, 2009

Research in this Lab is Funded by ARRA

Download/print a copy of this sign for your lab!

You've probably seen signs on roads nationwide advertising that the construction projects are being supported by American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars. But why should road construction (usually increasing traffic!) be the only thing Americans associate with the stimulus funds?

In every state across the country, communities are already seeing the benefits of more than $1.3 billion dollars awarded in NIH ARRA funding for over 6018 projects.

Research!America has developed an interactive map that details how the NIH ARRA funding is distributed on both the state and district level.

In addition to research highlights on each state page, there are links to Your Congress–Your Health where visitors are encouraged to send a message to their member of Congress about the issues of research, health, and the economy.

As major recipients of ARRA funding (read: taxpayer dollars) it is important that the scientific community tell the story about the value and economic impact of these research projects.

How is this unprecedented investment impacting your institution and your community? Share your stories in the comments, or email them to hbenson at

And, don't forget to download/print a copy of the sign featured at the top of this post to display in your lab!

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