Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Donate Blood

Our first suggestion for how to celebrate the National Day of Service is ....

When we think about donating things, we often think about food, clothes, or household items; all of which are incredibly important.

Next time you're thinking about donating as a means of serving your community, you should also consider giving a part of yourself - your blood.

Blood transfusions save lives, whether it be during routine surgery, as a treatment for a disease or condition, or to help those who have experienced trauma.

Only 3 out of every 100 Americans donate blood.* If you think you may be eligible, sign up for a local blood drive or visit redcrossblood.org to make an appointment to donate near you. If you're not sure of your eligibility, or have previously been turned away, double check the listed eligibility requirements as you may now be able to save up to three lives with a single pint of blood.

If you aren't able to donate for some reason, consider volunteering at a blood drive, encouraging friends to donate their blood, or look for other opportunities (instructing CPR, helping our during disasters, etc.) to volunteer with the American Red Cross.

*Only about 38% of Americans are eligible and only 8% do.

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