Friday, July 30, 2010

How To: Deliver an Elevator Pitch

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30 seconds to say who you are, what you do, why it's important. It just doesn't seem like enough time, does it?

An elevator pitch - or a pitch about yourself that you could deliver in the length of an elevator ride - is a great tool to have prepared for quick encounters. A good elevator pitch will include three key elements:
  1. Your name. No kidding, please don't forget this part.
  2. What you do. This should not be confused with your job title. "What you do" is a description of your goal or tasks.
  3. Why it matters to the other person in the elevator.
The reason why the elevator pitch is so successful is because it not only tells who you are but it connects you to your audience (via part 3) and opens up the door for further conversation and questions. It's important to remember that elevator pitches:
  • Do not have to be used in elevators alone. They are a great tool for use at social gatherings, conferences, when you're introduced to someone in a hurry, or really anytime you need to get started with an introduction.
  • Do not need to take the full 30 seconds.
  • Should be in simple, easy to understand terms that anyone can comprehend.
Practice makes perfect, so think about your 3 step pitch guide and use this 30 second timer to see if yours is brief enough.

How'd you do? We want to hear/read your elevator pitches! Add your 30 second (or less) self-promo in the comments section. Also, if you have any questions or can't think of a good way to simplify what you do, let us know. Think what you do is too complicated for 30 seconds? We're ready for the challenge.

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