Monday, December 22, 2008

What to Expect

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of posting, here is a brief introduction of the regular features we plan on having here at New Voices.

  • How-To – explaining the details of how-to do specific advocacy or science communication activities in five or fewer steps
  • Success Story – an account of a reader who followed through on a “how-to” post
  • Advocacy Opportunities – ways in which readers can be an advocate
  • Science & Research News Round-Up – news highlights from the previous week and a brief analysis or position statement on one of the news items
  • Profile – a biosketch of an advocate or science communicator making a difference in their community
  • Guest Posting – practiced advocates and communicators share their knowledge on a specific topic of interest to readers
  • Open Thread – responses to reader inquiries and an open conversation track for commenters
  • Food for Thought – editorial commentary on the most active stories in the science blogosphere
You can also expect some evolution. The landscape of communication of any kind changes constantly and we want to keep up with the times (and you!). That being said, your ideas about what you'd like to read about are welcome any time.

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