Friday, July 9, 2010

Bust Out the Grill this Weekend

The patio outside our office hovers in the 100's again today reminding us that it is definitely summer, and here at New Voices, we're all about seasonal good eating - both delicious and healthy (most of the time). When it comes to seasonal foods, nothing says summer like grilling.

Alissa on Steak
Here's a great article about entire meals for the summer, with a focus on grilling the perfect, mouth-watering steak. Reading this even made me crave a good steak (and I usually hate it!).

Heather on Fruits & Veggies
If you dislike doing dishes, grilling your side dish veggies and dessert can make clean up a breeze. Vegetables that taste great with a little olive oil and vinegar (try balsamic!) on the grill: asparagus, eggplant, and zucchini. Want a little sweet? Try grilling up sliced pineapple or cherry tomatoes. For the perfect combination of zing and spice, try stuffing pepperdews with sausage and a morsel of mozzarella and grill until they're caramelized. Healthy, quick, and perfect for summer get-togethers.

Ryan on Fish

Okay landlubbers - here's a little piece of Florida for the weekend. A friend of mine grills dolphin (mahi-mahi, not porpoise) using this recipe and it is fantastic. It would probably work well with any whitefish.

Use 2-3 inch chunks of fish (make sure the blood lines and skin are gone). Melt a stick of butter in a bowl and add finely grated parmesan cheese. You want to make a paste out of the butter and cheese and it helps to make sure the melted butter has cooled (but is still liquid) before adding the cheese. Next add a generous amount of minced garlic, finely chopped onion, salt and pepper to the paste. Drop the chunks of dolphin into the paste, covering them. Then wrap a piece of bacon around the fish chunk, cover with more delicious butter/cheese paste, and use toothpicks to secure it. If you're feeling really wild, you can add a slice of onion or a chunk of tomato between the bacon and fish. Drop these fishy pieces of heaven on the grill for about 4 minutes per side. Bigger chunks might take a little longer. When you grill them, keep them away from the flame or heat source because the bacon burns easily.

That's what we like, what's your favorite thing to make on the grill?

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  1. Your fish recipe has made me change plans so I can go fishing tomorrow. For another touch of Florida, I'm going to try it with a slice of mango - just ripened on the tree.

  2. I have become instantly hungry for some fish.

  3. Yummy! Can't wait to hit the fish market tomorrow for some mahi to grill. Might want to grill some sweet corn on the cob to go along with the fish! Thanks for a good idea! Don't forget the chilled white wine to top it all off!

  4. You can wrap pretty much anything in bacon and it will taste good. A bit of advice, you want the bacon crispy rather than chewy, ease it closer to the flame as it finishes to crisp it up. But as Ryan said, don't get it too close to the flame as grease is highly flammable and you'll be cleaning char off each one.

  5. Love your article? Can we use your grilled veggies picture & link to your article?

  6. If ok to use your picture, could you email me?

  7. Sorry, but we actually linked to the pictures, and they aren't ours. Hope you were able to find some that worked.