Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Round-Up

There's plenty to round-up this week, so without further ado, here are our little found gems of the week:

With the 2012 elections already a point of discussion in most political circles, the idea has again been floated for a PAC to support scientists who want to run for office. And speaking of 2012, make sure you take a look at the President's FY2012 budget request. For more on the budget, check out Christian's Budget 101 post.

New Voice Joe Hanson has a well-written piece on how and why he communicates about science.

Worried about how your online presence and social media might effect your job? When you're updating your online profiles, consider following this well-balanced example from Ricardo Dolmetsch which is personal, yet explains all the pertinent scientific details. Then check out how one expert fixed a Twitter snafu and helped her organization gain a partner.

We absolutely love Jill Hummels' piece, A Geek is a Terrible Thing to Waste, especially as it relates to Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Speaking of love, check out this study on how technology is impacting love and sex.

And for space lovers, Discovery's landed from its last scheduled voyage off-planet and NASA's done some really interesting research involving our view of the Sun.

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