Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Round-Up

Here's the news we thought was interesting from around the web this week:

Since we mentioned Teacher Appreciation Week, this piece where Dave Eggers and Nínive Clements Calegari take on what low salaries for teachers may be costing us in the opinion section of the New York Times caught our eye.

And speaking of the Times, here's a response to an article regarding funding for public health.


Basic research is important not just because it drives the economy. It also helps make good things even better, like an HIV drug that could prevent cervical cancer.

And sometimes research coincides well with the major news story of the week, such as how DNA may have confirmed Bin Laden's death.

Folks We Love to Read
Hooray for New Voice Jaime Vernon, PhD who's subbing in for Chris Mooney over at The Intersection.

Folks We Love to Love

Our moms.

Happy Mother's Day!

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