Friday, May 20, 2011

This Could Be Our Last Round-Up...

...but it probably isn't.

Just in case, we want to help you prepare for potential disaster.

Get started by reading about disaster preparedness.  (Information that is critical in the Midwest right now due to floods and could be essential during the approaching hurricane season. Remember: prevent injuries.)

If you need a diversion (for a quick getaway, or just from the work in front of you!) we suggest these MacGuyver strategies. While the science of MacGuyver wasn't always exact, it was ingenious.

If you need to do some fast talking, try creative messaging. NPR wasn't jesting when they took on puns as a means of explaining complex ideas.

Stay in touch with friends. New Voice Sheril Kirshenbaum has moved to the WIRED blog network, and you can follow her blogging on the Convergence of just about everything science and policy.

Finally, if you're just looking for something to take your mind off of things, two new reports have recently been released touting the NIH as an economic driver, both generally and as a leader in the Human Genome Project. Important news for advocates to help make the case against future cuts to research agencies. Or, take a look back ...

On this day in New Voices:
2010 - Sarah wrote about Cleaning Up Our Act.
2009 - FlyGal wrote From Training to Practice: Joining the Faculty.

See you on Monday?

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