Monday, April 26, 2010

Advocating for the Intersection

Now that we’ve seen intersection between medical research and public health, what should our advocacy messages be moving forward in order to support this collaboration?

Increased funding for health research is vital. We are currently spending about five and a half cents on the dollar for health research, and approximately 70% of Americans believe that we should be spending more. By increasing funding we can support the discovery of new treatments and therapies for health problems such as childhood obesity and HIV.

In order continue public health’s work moving forward, it’s also important to increase funding for the CDC. By supporting the organizations that focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, we will help to find non-biomedical ways to combat health problems within the general public.

So, speak out! Talk to your congressman and senator about the importance of medical research and public health.

This is Part 5 of 5 in our Intersection of Medical Research and Public Health series.
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Part 5 - Advocating for the Intersection

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