Friday, April 2, 2010

Ciao, New Voices!

Wow…the past three months have flown by! This sign-off brings me mixed emotions. In the next four weeks, I will finish my Masters of Public Health degree from the University of Florida. The thought of Pomp and Circumstance and tassels brings me pure joy. However, I’m really sad that I’m leaving Research!America. I have truly enjoyed being a Science Policy Intern and blogging on New Voices.

I spent my time as an intern tweeting, blogging, writing newsletter articles, doing background research projects, updating websites and attending events. Most importantly, I’ve been communicating my passion for health to others.

Even though advocating won’t be my full-time job for quite some time, I’m making a promise to myself to never lose sight of what I feel is important: the health of the American public. New Voices has helped me to find my own voice in the world of health advocacy. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be featured in a series that looks at the intersection of medical research and public health, and how the two can work together to improve the health of our nation.

Speaking of medicine, I guess that I should inform you that I’ve been accepted to Ross University School of Medicine! Hopefully between studying for exams and dissecting cadavers, I’ll have some time to do some guest blog posts.

So, even though I’m not Italian (although I do love Italian food), it’s time for me to say ciao, New Voices. It’s been fantastico.

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