Friday, April 9, 2010

What's Your Theme Song?

I spent a significant portion of my childhood in dugouts or on metal bleachers next to a softball field. I was the "bat girl" for my sister's travel softball team, and boy, were those good times. Drinking Gatorade or - since our team was Davie Crush - orange soda with my big sister's friends, hollering at the opposing team, chewing sunflower seeds; it was a summer heaven. (Arguably, it was as hot as the other after-life realm, since she played on clay fields in Florida, but there was always a pool to jump in afterwards.)

My love of baseball, therefore, comes from my sister and those happy memories. Movies like a A League of Their Own or kids with their freshly-oiled gloves on the metro coming back from opening day always make me stop and remember; which is probably why I noticed this piece on NPR: What would be your at-bat theme song?

It got me thinking about what my theme song would be if I was headed up to the plate. Since I was never much of a softball player myself, I'd probably choose this classic (start at 3:10 for the clincher of a chorus).

In celebration of baseball (which we'll definitely be writing about this season) and as a way to learn about all of our fabulous readers, we want to know what your at-bat theme song would be (or is?). If you're not a baseball fan, what would your theme song be before a big presentation? Or, what's the song that you click to on your ipod for that last big uphill on a run?

When we have a full roster of theme songs, I'll put together a summer Play Ball! Playlist for New Voices, so make sure you get yours up in the comments!

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  1. Thought provoking! My theme song would be "Bug Eyes" by Dredg. It always gets me energized!

  2. I listen to Lose Yourself by Eminem before all my big events (comprehensive exams, national conference presentations).

  3. Not sure exactly which song, but definitely something by AC/DC.