Thursday, February 3, 2011

Economic Impact of R&D Ranked by State

We saw earlier that R&D investment has far-reaching economic effects. This is true in individual states as well as across the nation.

To understand the economic impact of R&D in each state, I gathered the numbers in every state reflecting:
  • the amount of money each state has invested in R&D
  • the number of jobs in the bioscience sector
  • the average salary in the biosciences
  • a score encompassing societal factors that reflect the health of each state’s economy, such as unemployment and underemployment rates.
Using this information, I calculated an economic impact score, which reflects the effect R&D has on each state’s economy. For ease of comparison among states, each state was ranked based on this score, and you can see it visually on the map. California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are leading the nation, while Louisiana and Mississippi are falling behind.

To find information about R&D investment and jobs in your state, take a look at Research!America's website.

In the next post in this series, see what a state can do to garner the economic benefits of R&D.

This is Part 3 of 4 in our Economic Impact of R&D series.
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  1. Thank you for doing this! Could you make the data underlying this analysis public? It seems like a great resources to compare R&D investment and impact...

  2. Unfortunately, Research!America can't release that information right now. However, we are having it looked at by health economists to validate our methodology and we look forward to being able to share the analysis soon.