Thursday, February 17, 2011

Introducing our Newest Voice, Christian Torres

Name: Christian Torres

Position: Research!America Science Policy Intern

Education: BA in Human Biology from Stanford University

Previous experience: News Writing Intern at Nature Medicine, Research Assistant at Stanford's Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research

Fun fact: If you name almost any movie, Christian can give you its box office statistics. He says his interest really started when Spider-Man broke the $100 million mark for opening weekend (with $114 million) in 2002. Since then, one of the most interesting movies was Avatar, which had "great legs" - or a great multiplier - from its opening weekend ($70 million) to its final total (over $700 million).

We're excited to have Christian on board and look forward to more exciting posts like his first, Nerd Alert: Stop the Bullying. Welcome him to New Voices!

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