Friday, February 25, 2011

A Movie Insider's Look at the Oscars

Lorien at Oscar Night America 2010
A special thank you to guest blogger Lorien Benson, the DC-area regional promotions director for Regal Entertainment Group. With the 83rd Annual Academy Awards airing on Sunday evening, she's offered her take on what is sure to be the talk of the weekend (and Monday's water cooler!).

Who is going to be the big winner at this Sunday’s Oscars? Most of us in the industry have already seen or figured out the future.

Now don’t get me wrong this year’s Oscar nominated films are all outstanding and I enjoyed watching them all, but part of the fun is deciding and debating with friends about who will win. The sheer rush of jubilation I normally get when I make my final decision and fill out my ballot just isn’t there this year; it doesn't have the same mystique since it seems so predetermined.

We already know that even with Julia Roberts backing, Javier Baredem will be the one to make the most convincing fake congratulatory face when Colin Firth takes the stage to accept for Best Actor in leading roll. We are all secretly hoping that Natalie Portman will go into labor during the live broadcast while on stage accepting her golden man for Best Actress in a leading role.

Though I would personally love to see the young Hailee Stienfeld from True Grit accept for Best Supporting Actress she will be applauding from her seat for Melissa Leo this year. But the biggest surprise will be seeing Christian Bales’ perfectly formed face instead of that scruffy beard, while he bounds up the stage to accept his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for The Fighter. (Or maybe the real Dickey will join him on stage again like he did at the Golden Globes, now that will add a little excitement to the show!)

As a side note, though I am not totally sold on the new 10 title upgrade for the Best Picture category I am excited to see that it does open doors for deserving films that may never have been nominated. Inception or even Toy Story 3 - though both fantastic films - coming out in early summer would have hurt their chances in years past; but with 10 choices they get to sneak in there even without all the hype of recent openings surrounding them. And, if there weren’t 10 choices this year, Netflix would not have had a run of Winter’s Bone discs (and I would have been able to watch it sooner).

This brings me to the actual top dogs in the category; the films at a disadvantage by the looming number of choices. Though we can safely narrow this category down to a top winner there are people out there still pulling for The Social Network and The Fighter. My money, however, come Oscar night will be on The Kings Speech!

With the new younger hosting talents of Anne Hathaway and James Franco (who is also nominated for Best Actor on Sunday), the Academy is hoping to appeal to the younger generation who tune in to see if The Social Network brings home any gold. Which, it most likely will in the Best Director and Adapted Screenplay categories for David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin, respectively.

There will be a musical performance of “Coming Home” from Country Strong by past Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow who is up against two Disney numbers in the Original Song category.

It seems like the only big surprises won’t be related to heavy statues at all. Let us not forget the reason we all watch the Oscars: for the RED CARPET, of course! Who doesn’t like watching beautiful people in beautiful clothes while stuffing themselves with snacks on friends’ couches in comfy flannel pajamas?

No matter what your thoughts are on this years race for the golden man the show will go on and we will all be tuned in to watch it!

Have your own thoughts on Sunday’s Oscars?  
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Good luck and enjoy the show!

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  1. I would actually have to go with Lorien on all of these picks. This year is pretty cut and dry on who the winners will be. I did hear the inside scoop on a special Twilight moment happening at this years show.