Tuesday, March 10, 2009

How To: Use Google Reader

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We recently posted about how much time you can save by using an RSS feed. Now we want to help you get started. When I first wanted to learn about using RSS, my best friend showed me Google Reader. I love it and find it really useful. Additionally, because many of my friends use it, we can share interesting news stories with each other.

Below is a video about how to get started using Reader (you don't have to create a new email address, just use whatever you have now to start an account). If you're a bit more experienced, you can check out the videos on sharing and managing your feeds.

Reader isn't the only way to read RSS though. Some other favorites among my friends include:
To those of you who subscribe: how do you like your aggregator? What do you like best about subscribing to feeds?

This is Part 2 in the New Voices series on helpful technology for science communicators and advocates.
(Part 1 - How To: Subscribe to Your Favorite Websites)

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