Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet Raquel Lieberman, PhD, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr. Lieberman, a brilliant early-career investigator, shared her story at the Congressional briefing we co-hosted with ACS, "Investing in Our Future: A New Generation of Researchers."

Raquel L. Lieberman, Ph.D. joined the faculty of the School of Chemistry at Georgia Tech in January 2008 as an assistant professor after a joint postdoctoral research position at Harvard Medical School, Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Brandeis University in Boston, MA. She graduated from MIT with a bachelor in science in Chemistry and from Northwestern with a PhD and is a native of New York City.

Dr. Lieberman's lab investigates proteins, the "worker molecule" of your body. The lab first tries to understand how normal proteins function so that they can understand how abnormal proteins cause diseases, like glaucoma and Alzheimer's disease. They can use this knowledge about abnormal proteins to try to design new ways to treat or diagnose the diseases.

Dr. Lieberman also shared with the audience the many jobs involved in being a Principle Investigator and some of the difficulties of being an early-career researcher.

You can see her power point presentation to see what it takes to be an assistant professor here (slides 31-42).

This is part of the ongoing Profiling New Voices series.

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