Friday, October 1, 2010

Wait, I have to leave?

I glanced at my calendar the other day and was astonished to realize that this was already my last week here as a science policy intern at Research!America. I feel like I've finally gotten into the swing of things, just in time to move on. Isn't that always the way?

Thankfully, I do know where I'm headed next, and that is... Mozambique (if, like me upon first hearing my destination, you're aren't positive where Mozambique is, check the map on the right). I am officially a future Peace Corps Volunteer and will be leaving at the end of September to spend two years in Mozambique teaching chemistry in Portuguese, the official language of Mozambique, and a language I as of yet do not speak a word of.

I'm not too worried though, mostly because one thing I realized here at Research!America is that in just three short months (the length of both my internship and my training in Mozambique before I start teaching) the amount I can learn is way more than I ever thought before.

So adeus, New Voices, and thank you for teaching me so much and giving me such amazing opportunities this summer.

Alissa wrote this post before her departure in late August, but we saved it for today since it is the first day of her training in Mozambique. New Voices is going to miss having Alissa around (it's pretty quiet in the office without her) but we're looking forward to hearing her updates about teaching science abroad. Best of luck Alissa!

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