Friday, December 17, 2010

Blogoversary: 2 Years and Counting

It's come around again - the birthday of the New Voices for Research blog!

We wanted to have a celebratory cake, but digital eating just isn't as fun. Instead, here are some fun facts about New Voices, age 2.
  • 515 published posts (not including this one) with over 320 comments
  • More than 49,600 visits from 168 countries and every U.S. state and territory
  • Our regular writing team now includes a policy expert, a PhD scientist, and a science outreach specialist.
The best way to show off all of these  great achievements is through our posts. These are the top ten posts (by traffic) of the past two years:
  1. Coolest Scientist Ever: Winner by Takao Yamada
  2. St. Patrick's Day Special: Beer by New Voices
  3. Today's Epidemic: Childhood Obesity by Kimberly Brown
  4. Climate Change and Health: Malaria by Emily Norton
  5. Cell Phones, Radiation, and our Health by Kimberly Brown
  6. Can you name a living scientist by Heather Benson
  7. Worst 5 Science Movies by Takao Yamada
  8. Loving Science by New Voices
  9. The Importance of STEM Education by Ilse Peterson
  10. DC Cherry Blossoms by Rasika Kalamegham
Congratulations and special thanks to everyone who has helped make New Voices a success over the past two years (and before the blog launch). There's no way we'd have made it this far without you!

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