Thursday, December 16, 2010

National Re-Gifting Day!

It is the season of perpetual hope. Of giving. Of generously not throwing snowballs at passersby. It's also a time for re-giving.

One way to re-give is wrapping up a present you got last year - but don't particularly like - and giving it to someone else. (This was entirely evident at our office holiday celebration today during the White Elephant gift exchange.)

Another way is to pay it forward. Sort of like this...

Each of you has a gift. Whether it is being a brilliant researcher, a fantastic mentor, a strategic communicator, a policy wonk, or an issue expert; your gift could be put to good use. When thinking about re-gifting this season, I hope you'll also consider re-gifting your talents in a new and interesting way outside of your professional life.

What unique gifts do you have to share this holiday season?

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